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Telemarketing Solution

We offer a unique, innovative and lucrative opportunity for telemarketing companies to set up their own white label lottery businesses.

If you have a telemarketing business, especially one with experience in outbound sales, then you already have everything you need.

We will provide you with your own website, branded to your preferences. We will provide your agents with extensive training on how to sell lottery syndicate packages through telemarketing. We can also provide you with high quality leads.

All higher tier payouts will be handled by our jackpot insurance. All you need to think about is getting on the phone and bringing those customers in.


Our lottery syndicate/group play packages are ideal for selling via telemarketing.

Customers will enjoy hundreds of chances to win the world’s biggest lotteries each week, while your agents will be very happy selling a great product that they have real confidence in.

Lottery is the world’s most popular game of chance and our products provide convenience and great value for money.

In no time at all you’ll be able to build up an exciting, lucrative business that’s perfect for telemarketing.


We will provide you with sales scripts, proven techniques for selling and full product training to ensure that all of your agents are equipped to sell to the best of their ability.

We have an outstanding portfolio of sales training materials and FAQ’s to ensure your team is properly prepared.

In addition to this we will be on hand to help you with any concerns you may have before you get started.

And, once you’ve started, we will be ready to support you and provide our knowledge and expertise whenever you need it.


We will equip you with your own domain name and website where all your player accounts will be held. The website will be state of the art and feature our full range of lottery betting products. We can also add a casino, featuring the world’s most popular slots, and an exciting range of scratchcards developed by our in-house, team if you want. The website will be designed in accordance with your wishes, to ensure it reflects your vision for the brand. The process will be smooth, easy and require very minimal resources on your part.

Outstanding Margins

The average Syndicate package you sell will have a profit margin of around 70%.
There are very few telemarketing opportunities that generate profit margins like this, and almost none where you also have the opportunity to set up your own business and keep the profits for yourself and your team.

Flexible Payments

Out platform accepts a wide variety of payment methods, making things simple for the customer and increasing agent confidence further.
New customers typically opt-in for a subscription, creating longer-term revenues for your business.

Exciting Future

You will be able to sell packages that save people time, give them access to jackpots they would not be able to play normally and also give them hundreds of chances to win at a reasonable price.
Our lottery syndicate packages are an exciting new way to play the world’s favourite game of chance and they are only going to become more popular with time.


Most people still go to the shops every week to buy their lottery tickets.
Our solution saves them that hassle. Also, when customers sign up to one of our packages they never have to worry about forgetting to put their numbers on and missing out on a big jackpot win.