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Scratchcards & Casino

We can transform your existing business with the addition of 3 powerful new verticals; lottery betting, scratchcards and casino.

You choose which verticals are right for your brand.

Scratchcards are the perfect compliment to lottery betting and provide an easy opportunity for cross-sell, while our Casino is easy to plug-in and features a huge range of titles from the world’s leading suppliers.


Our scratchcards are developed in-house and have been designed to have as much appeal to the average lottery player as possible.

We have looked at the most popular scratchcards, both offline and online, and created an exceptional range of scratchcards that reflect the very best of what is available.

Our scratchcards cover a wide range of price points, while each has an interesting theme and an exciting design.

You can add a scratchcard vertical in addition to lottery betting and casino or you can add it as a standalone product based on your preference.


Our casino features an extensive range of slots and a wide selection of poker and roulette titles.

Every title in our collection is from a world leading supplier, guaranteeing you a broad, exciting and high quality range of products.

Our ccasino can be added to your existing portfolio of products as a standalone vertical or you can incorporate it alongside our lottery betting and scratchcard offering.

Integration is easy and requires minimal internal resources. Our adaptable plug-in casino will also reflect the look and feel of your website.

The Perfect Combo

What is every lottery player looking for? The perfect combination of numbers of course.

Fittingly, we can offer you the perfect combination of products to make your offering really stand out from the competition.

If you’re interested in our lottery betting, casino and scratchcard verticals, or any combination of them, then get in touch today.

It could be the first step on the road to a perfect partnership.