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iGaming Solution

Are you looking to integrate a lottery betting vertical on to your platform? Or, are you interested in setting up a standalone lottery betting business?

Our solution will give you access to the world’s biggest jackpots and a huge range of syndicate/group play products.

It’s 100% safe & secure and all tier one payouts are guaranteed by our jackpot insurance.

You’ll also find our rates to be extremely competitive.

In addition to this, we can also offer you a wide range of in-house developed scratchcards and a plug-in casino

Scratchcards + Casino

Scratchcards are the perfect cross-sell product for lottery customers and we can offer you a really wide range to choose from.

Our in-house team have created a range of scratchcards that improve on the very best and most popular available both online and offline.

We can also design new scratchcards based on your personal preferences and tailored to your audience.

We also offer a ready made plug-in casino vertical featuring an extensive range of slots and other games from the world’s leading providers, including NetEnt and Microgaming.

Find out more about our Scratchcards + Casino solution, here (link to scratchcards + casino section)

Lottery & Syndicates

Despite significant growth in recent years, the lottery betting industry is still in its infancy.

Just think how few lottery betting operators there are compared to other popular iGaming verticals…

Lottery betting offers exceptionally high margins and appeals to a very wide demographic.

As well as a full portfolio of global lottery betting products, we offer the most impressive range of syndicate products on the market, with syndicates for single lotteries and exciting combo packages, featuring a selection of our biggest jackpots, all available.

The global lottery industry is worth $300 billion a year. With our solution you can tap into this huge market and get your share.

You can see our full range of lottery products here.