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Become a Viking

Lottery is the world’s most popular game of chance, but the game is changing.

Customers want new and exciting ways to play and the demand for bigger jackpots and more choice is higher than ever before.

This is where Viking Group come in.

Through our platform you can gain access to 30 of the world’s biggest lotteries and an unprecedented selection of Group Play/Syndicate packages.

We also offer a huge selection of in-house developed scratchcards; the perfect cross sell vehicle for lottery. And, we’ve got a plug-in casino, featuring slot titles from the world’s leading providers, too.

If you’re an iGaming operator looking to add exciting new verticals to your offering then get in touch.

We also offer a groundbreaking solution for telemarketing companies looking to set up their own white label business. Sounds interesting? You know what to do.

It’s time to become a Viking.

iGaming Solution

As well as offering 29 different lottery betting products, we also offer a far greater range of syndicates (group play packages) than are available through similar lottery betting platform providers.

Our lottery group play packages offer the customer far more chances to win than playing lottery, or betting on lottery in the conventional sense and this is key to their appeal.

Integration places minimal demand on internal resources, while our bulletproof platform has been designed to ensure a smooth  customer experience. All products are backed by jackpot insurance.

Telemarketing Solution

Do you own a telemarketing business? Are you looking for a lucrative new revenue stream? Are you interested in setting up your own white label lottery business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to the above questions then you should get in touch with us.

We can provide full sales training for your existing team, teaching them how to sell our compelling lottery products through telemarketing.

We will also set you up with your own website, tailored to your preferences.

Casino & Scratchcards

There is no more compelling cross-sell vehicle for lottery betting than scratchcards.

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of scratchcards that have been developed by our in house team and optimised for lottery players.

We’ve also got a plug-in Casino featuring slots and games from the world’s leading providers.

So if you’re looking for a lottery, casino and scratchard solution, or any combination of those three then get in touch.


Our Platform

Our skinnable, easy to manage websites, backed up by our industry leading platform gives you everything you need to run your business. Choose from one of our standard templates, and easily customize to match your brand.